Making games is what inspired the creation of MGFlow58 in the first place, and it combines all of the things we love. Currently, our biggest projects are ME-OS and Guppy's Quest.

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Whether it be classical, techno, trance, video game, dance, or any kind of other genre, we love making music! Check this link out for current tracks we've made, or information on commissions.

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Art is an amazing way to express yourself, and your style. Here at MGFlow58, we got many talented artists who love to share their work! Click here to view some examples and for information about commissions.

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Since 1993

What is MGFlow58?

There are many creative directions you can go in to, but why not go all in with everything? That's what we aim to do. When this studio just started in 2008, the focus was mostly on making games, but games required several assets to be fun and playable. However, at the time it was hard to find people to collaborate with to increase the quality of the game. That's why the studio went into making music, art, and other assets as well!

One of the first major products started by MGFlow58 was Guppy's Quest, however, due to the leader of the project having to prioritize school, it was a very slow ride. However, now the project is being revamped as we are trying to provide more and more fan service.

After several years (and counting) of improvement, we are trying to provide products that interest our fans and give them countless hours of enjoyment. At the same time we now take requests for making new assets as well. We aim to keep improving, and making more people happy!

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